About PMC Hill Real Estate

P.M.C. Hill Real Estate is the trading name of Alrya Holdings Pty Ltd which is owned and operated by Melanie and John Marshall, both licensed real estate agents. Melanie is the licensee of the company.

P.M.C. Hill Real Estate was originally started by Plum Hill, then bought by Debbie MacDonald and was run from her boatshed in Lovett Bay. We purchased the business in 1998 and ran it from our office on Scotland Island. In June 2002 we purchased Ferry Wharf Real Estate from Baylyn Developments Pty Ltd and moved the office to Church Point. In January 2012 the whole Pasadena was taken over by receivers so we moved our office back to Scotland Island.

Our business specialises in water access only properties on Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores. The Western Foreshores comprise the western side of McCarrs Creek, Elvina Bay, Lovett Bay, and Morning Bay (Towlers Bay), and are often referred to as "the Bays".

We have lived and worked in this spectacular area for many years and so combine our professional skills of property sales and management with our knowledge and love of the area.

If you are looking for a change of lifestyle or a weekender or holiday house 40 minutes from the CBD of Sydney then a look around the Pittwater area is very well worthwhile.