Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get there?

  • Ferry. The ferry runs every hour from around 6am till 7.30pm and more frequently during busy periods.
  • Water taxi. This runs from 6am to 10pm. Contact the taxis for bookings outside these times or visit
  • Boat. Have your own boat which you can tie up at commuter wharf at Church Point (council charges an annual fee for mooring).

Are there cars on the Island?
Yes there are, however not very many. Vehicles have to be brought over by barge and are preferably 4WD as the roads are mainly dirt. Your usual car stays in the car park at Church Point (council charges an annual fee for parking).

There is a Community Vehicle which can be hired for passenger transport.

How do we move onto the Island and Western Foreshores?
There are a variety of trucks and barges which work in this area and can either do the whole removal job for you or can take your truck or your goods from Cargo Wharf Church Point to your destination over the water.

How do we get goods over?
Either transport them yourself or employ a local carrier to transport them for you. 

What happens if it rains?
Either ride the ferry which is cosy and dry or put on some wet weather gear and protect your good clothes and shoes in waterproof bags.

What is the water supply?
The water is rain water collected in tanks. There is an emergency water supply on the Island which households can use during dry periods for a fee. (There are no water rates.)

What is the sewage system?
The sewage system is generally a septic tank with trenches in the ground. These need very little maintenance. New houses are fitting aerated water treatment type systems which clean and disinfect the water.

What provision is there for children?
There are childminders either on a casual or evening basis or for long day care work. The Island Kindergarten caters for children from 2 to school age.

There are school ferries which pick up the children from various wharves around the Island and Bays and take them to primary and secondary schools on the peninsular, either by meeting the school buses or, in the case of Newport Primary, by going close to the school where the ferry is met by an adult who takes the kids on to the school.

Are there any shops?
No, on the Island there are only residential blocks, parks, a kindergarten, a community hall and a fire station.

What about medical emergencies?
The Rural Fire Brigades, both Scotland Island and West Pittwater, coordinate with the Ambulance Service to assist with medical issues.